When you enter a room, you influence the room’s ambiance. When you join a group of people, you influence the dynamic of the group. The question is: how would you want that influence to look like?

We believe that change, growth and influence occurs from the inside out.

When you as individual gain awareness into who you are, what your strengths and limitations are, you are able to decide on how you will use them to influence your own life and the world around you.

When you as a team gain awareness into who you are, what your team’s strengths and gaps are, you are able to decide as a team how you will use what you have to influence your business and world around you.

Being true to our word, we strive to practice what we preach and these are our core beliefs:


We believe that through connecting with ourselves and with others, we gain understanding into who we are and how others see us.


We do not do things in the normal way! Our aim is to use various types of learning methods that become a catalyst for change and growth.


Having insight is having a deeper knowledge of things. It is through insight that we get to the point of making wise choices.


Success in our view is what we do for ourselves. Significance is when we look beyond ourselves and work for something bigger than us. We facilitate with the aim of bringing about significance rather than purely success.