Today is Mandela Day, a great leader of our country and, may I say, of the world. Together with some other notable people he brought about change in a country where racism and distrust among a nation was huge. He had a vision, a dream.
We all have dreams of how our future should look, what we want to achieve and be. Can I ask a personal question though? Is this dream about you or about others? Is it about your life or about more than you and your life?
In a coffee discussion with a friend he said: A vision is about dreaming big, but dreaming so big that it is about more than you. A big dream allows us/ others to see God’s greatness rather than ours. Now there’s a statement: its not about us but about more than us. I wonder how many leaders actually realise that.

Madiba realised that, fought for that and lived that. For that reason he is loved.
My question this morning to myself and to you: what is your dream? Is it big enough to depend on God’s greatness? Is it big enough to be more than you?
Enjoy dreaming…