Group Facilitation and Team Development

The better we know ourselves, and the better we know each other in the team, the better we will function as a team.

Every group has it’s unique dynamics because it has unique people within the group. Thus knowing one another is the first step to building a team. Group facilitation can occur within the place of work, on a regular basis, or be a once-off workshop, whereby a team is given the space to reflect, evaluate and create new goals to work towards. Team development, however, takes time as we as human beings take time to grow and learn. By making use of an ‘outside’ facilitator, team members can gain more objective insight into themselves and their colleagues, can share honest opinions and ideas with the team and are given a chance to receive information in a ‘safe’ space.

We as facilitators act as accountability partners, committing to the time, holding people accountable to their actions and remain objective throughout the process.