Before the big work begins, it is valuable for a team to re-group as individuals as well as a team. This cellar team used the time to try and understand how each of them communicate. Thinkers need time to plan and process, do’ers need the opportunity to get things done and get practical, talkers need opportunity to communicate and bounce off ideas whilst observers provide valuable information from what they have taken in. However, each person needs the other. The value of perception came out of group discussions, realising that one person is hardly ever right and the other wrong. It is when the underlying reason is explored, that the real issue can be identified and rectified together.

Finally, team values, though not an easy process, allow a team to discuss and decide on habits they want to implement in the workplace. They provide a container, a way of living/ working might I say. I look forward to seeing the ripples that this team will make throughout the upcoming harvest season!!