Many people are now in Valentines frenzy, looking for little things they can give to prove their love for someone special. How do you show your appreciation to those within your business/ you are working for? It over and over again fascinates me, how people just work so much better and with an improved attitude, when they know that they are appreciated. Acts of appreciation is not – as many believe nowadays – shown by giving money. It is sad how we tend to resort to money so easily – at times it is the easiest way. But giving of your time is another way; listening intently to what the colleague has to say, helping out where possible, asking for/ giving advice, sharing of yourself, giving compliments when appropriate, giving honest feedback… the list is endless!

We human beings are very creative creatures. You can see innovation wherever you look. So how about using some innovation tomorrow, in making another in the workplace or environment around you feel appreciated!