16 12, 2020

Reconciliation – 26 years later…

Reconciliation: “To find a way in which two situations or beliefs that are opposed to each other can agree and exist together” (Cambridge dictionary). Every 16 December we have an opportunity to reflect on ourselves, our community and our country as to how far we have come in moving forward on national reconciliation. When then- President [...]

31 08, 2020

Women, your voices are heard!

  Women, your voices are heard! We have been reflecting on and sharing stories of three Women of Significance this month: their unique and yet slightly similar journeys. The uniqueness is seen by Maria experiencing the marathon- like determination needed to change from employee to entrepreneur in order to live her dream; it is seen [...]

8 02, 2016

Valentine’s Day and what it has to do with business success

A love affair celebrated world wide, is called Valentine’s Day. This day which is dedicated to lovers, is right around the corner! In fact, you have exactly 6 days to rush out and get your loved one a gift they may, want, need, or even expect! These gifts will reflect all your thoughts and feelings [...]

20 03, 2014

Leading upwards…

I realise again and again the challenges leaders have in leading upwards. On the one hand it is understandable: how do I give my honest views to my superior, knowing that he/she has the power over my salary, my bonus, my appraisal? At the same time this is what the superior often asks for: honest [...]

13 02, 2014

Spread the Love!

Many people are now in Valentines frenzy, looking for little things they can give to prove their love for someone special. How do you show your appreciation to those within your business/ you are working for? It over and over again fascinates me, how people just work so much better and with an improved attitude, [...]

29 01, 2014

“So, attitude is a choice??”

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So often we get stuck in dead-end thinking. "I can't...", "I'll never be able to...", "If he would just do ...., then..." and so the list continues. Realising I cannot change things beyond my control, only myself, can also be frustrating. Reason: I have to change my attitude or do things differently, and only I [...]