Leadership Development

Into today’s world, many of us strive to lead and take on leadership roles. However, do we realise what the ‘whole package’ entails?

As a leader, the most difficult person to lead is … myself! It is through implementing the leadership principles that change begins. Yet, how can I expect change from others, when I do not first apply such principles and create that change in me? This is what leadership development is about!

Leading with integrity is about understanding and implementing leadership principles ourself, before expecting the same from the people we lead. Through developing emotional intelligence (i.e. acquiring self-awareness and social awareness skills, and developing relevant skills to manage one’s own behaviours and relationships with others) leaders can create significant changes and stimulate growth within the people who are part of their business. The only requirement is for these leaders to be willing to start with themselves.

Leadership development can occur, for example, by means of individual coaching and/ or through team facilitation. The principles remain the same, yet the way the process is initiated and managed depends on you and the business’ specific needs which is where Facets of Growth differentiates itself from other service providers. We do not just apply the same methods and expect the same results. We acknowledge that you and your business have both unique individual and general challenges and requirements, which is why we strive to develop and implement a specific solution tailored to your circumstances and particular needs.

We are inspired by topics such as: leading within my capacity (personality) in my environment, managing vs leading people, leading with integrity, types of leadership…just to name a few.