Do you know what your strengths are? Have you ever considered whether you are making full use of your strengths? Do you know where your blind spots lie? (Funny how others tend to see our blind spots more easily than we do ourselves! )

The interesting thing is that when we live out our strengths, and more still, that what we are passionate about, it makes us feel alive!

Furthermore, imagine working in a team or being in a relationship: are you aware of your partner’s/ colleague’s strengths and blind spots? Imagine working out how you compliment each other, where your commonalities lie and where you knock heads. When becoming aware of these, we are able as adults to decide what to do with the information. We are able to decide on how to manage ourselves, manage the relationship to both our advantage – and then obviously to the advantage of others.

If this topic fascinates you, then please have a look at the following website: . Personality profiles – whilst they should never be seen as the perfect tool, they provide us with some insights as to how we are wired and how we tend to see the world around us. They act like a mirror and possibly show us where our strengths lie and where therefore also our blind spots lie. Better still, they provide us with the opportunity, through discussions with others or a coach, to look at how to use this information effectively in our lives.

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