So often we get stuck in dead-end thinking. “I can’t…”, “I’ll never be able to…”, “If he would just do …., then…” and so the list continues.

Realising I cannot change things beyond my control, only myself, can also be frustrating. Reason: I have to change my attitude or do things differently, and only I can do that. No amount of persuasion or encouragement from others will ever get me to change myself, unless I choose to.  And yet….how inspiring is that! That means, “I can do…” and I can choose to or choose not to. My attitude is my driver, and the starting point of moving forward or stagnation. No matter what my past, present or future, I can always check on my attitude and decide on the next step. Now, it may sound easier than it sometimes feels, and I do not want to disregard the fact that changing attitude is not always easy. We need to change mindsets and thinking patterns, sometimes behaviors and let go of some “stuff” from our past. But I have experienced myself and seen in people over and over again: by choosing your attitude you choose the direction of your next action, habit and possibly even life path. How fascinating… !